Soap Bubbles Washi / PET Tape | Rainbow & Purple & Yellow & Blue & Pink & White

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Description : Introducing PET Tape - Soap Bubbles | Rainbow & Purple & Yellow & Blue & Pink & White :Soap Bubbles is the perfect way to bring your DIY projects...

Type: Soap Bubbles Set

Soap Bubbles Set
Soap Bubbles - Rainbow
Soap Bubbles - Purple
Soap Bubbles - Yellow
Soap Bubbles - Blue
Soap Bubbles - Pink
Soap Bubbles - White

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Description :

Introducing PET Tape - Soap Bubbles | Rainbow & Purple & Yellow & Blue & Pink & White :
Soap Bubbles is the perfect way to bring your DIY projects to life! This colorful tape comes in a range of rainbow and pastel colors, including purple, yellow, blue, pink, and white. It's perfect for creating unique, eye-catching designs, and it's easy to use. The tape is strong and durable, and it's also waterproof and resistant to tearing. Whether you're a crafty novice or a pro, PET Tape - Soap Bubbles is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your projects.

Notes :
If you need something special or larger quantities (wholesale orders), please feel free to send email to and surely we can work out to have special policy.

Product Details :

Brand : Shiimmer
Material:PET material(With dual layer to protect laser part)
Printing Tech:Digital print & Laser
Size :50mm X 10m
Design Loop:100cm

Know Before You Buy :

1. The design and process of the six rolls of tape in the link are the same, only the colors are different. The pattern is completely transparent due to the PET material
2. PET tape products include release paper (backing paper) , tear off the release paper can be pasted
3. The pattern colors of PET materials are usually more saturated than paper materials
4. Laser digital printing tape pattern loops longer without die-cutting due to die-cutting mold specifications limited
( The non-printed part of the PET material tape is transparent, which is convenient for cutting pictures and is more friendly to collage novices)
5. Different batches of PET tape printing color and material thickness will be slightly different
6. Different sets of PET Tape production under different production batches and rewinding cutting, due to different sets with different design loop length, it’s difficult to guarantee the end part of the complete pattern of tape is not cut.
7. Laser printing process parts may appear 0.5mm-1mm deviation is normal
8. The PET tape use environmental printing UV ink, ink and glue will have a slight smell is normal
9. The sealing part of the tape has a transparent sealing sticker to find the opening of the tape easily, after teared the sealing sticker part may appear to stick off part of the cut pattern is a normal situation, does not affect the use
Product picture shooting gives a clear understanding of the product process and details. For your rights, please read carefully before buying. If you have any questions during use, please consult the designer or customer service
Additional Information

Soap Bubbles Set, Soap Bubbles - Rainbow, Soap Bubbles - Purple, Soap Bubbles - Yellow, Soap Bubbles - Blue, Soap Bubbles - Pink, Soap Bubbles - White