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Welcome to the Shiimmer where established in Mar 2023,We have a core of four members from the previous love of Handwork and creativity in daily life,keeping learning the market and explore the skills of handwork and creativity, eventually we decided to combined the abilities of the all of us to create a full-fledged business,as well as we have own technology R & D department and headquartered in Guangzhou, China.

Shiimmer gets its name from “Shimmer”, because we think that everything we love should be shiny, and that we should be happy doing what we love in our daily lives. It all started with a love of stationery and we want to keep to share and create the unique stationery accessible to everyone across the world.

We enjoy creating everything new and keeping it in sync with all our customers, fans, and people who love to make things by hand. In the same way, we welcome everyone to share anything news, let us create new inspiration to continue our journey, this project can not do without YOU - yes, YOU! Thank you for your continued support and love for Shiimmer products.


Jake - Technology Operation Director
More than 8 years experience in printing technology, good understanding of the combination of design concept and production process to achieve the perfect fit when our products need to be applied to a variety of different hand-created environments, there is a quality guarantee for all who like our products.

Lucy & Yummi - Marketing & Product Development Director
A combination of wonderful hands-making experience and deep insight into the market, and love of manual creation heart to keep learning and exploring new journeys, keep everyone who loves our products inspired

Neil - Designer Director
Drawing experience from childhood to adulthood, enjoyment and love of design from the heart, based on the accumulation of years of different design field style, giving Shiimmer unique design creation, put the Passion of love into the design of products, to love each of us a bold and courageous pursuit of their love of things

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Looking forward to more like-minded people with us to create new handmade journey. Join us by following @shiimmer on Instagram, Facebook,TikTok, YouTube,we will keep updated on all of our handmade ideas and look forward to sharing them with you. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact us via email or social media.

We are delighted to have you join our creative family. Let us continue to explore the wonders of stationery and unleash our boundless imagination together.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful, blessed day.
Love ❤ From all of us at Shiimmer